Winter Pool Cover for Above Ground

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  • Winter pool cover to be used with traditional above ground swimming pools
  • Solid material will not let water pass through
  • Pool Size: 24 Foot Round – Cover Size: 28 Feet (includes overlap in total)
  • Heavy-duty 8 x 8 scrim
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene weighs 2.36 oz./yd2
  • 4 foot overlap (Includes 4 feet of extra material beyond pool size, making this cover easier to install, included in cover size above)
  • Includes winch and cable, which should be used to secure the cover through the grommets
  • Cover should be able to float loosely on the water, consider going up a pool size if you have large top rails
  • Ice equalizer pillow sold separately

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The Robelle Super Winter Pool Cover is a heavy-duty solid winter pool cover. Solid pool covers do not allow water to pass through their material. The Robelle Super Winter Pool Cover features a heavy-duty 8 x 8 scrim. The heavy-duty polyethylene material used for this cover weighs 2.36 oz./yd2. Both the scrim count and material weight are the best indicators of the strength and durability for your pool cover. This is a heavy-duty pool cover designed to protect your pool from the winter elements. The Robelle Super Winter Pool Cover features an imperial blue topside and a black underside. Please order by your pool size, as the overlap goes beyond the pool size listed. This cover includes a four-foot overlap. If you have a very large top rail, please consider a larger pool size. This cover should be able to comfortably float on the pool water without excessive stress. This cover is not meant to be used as a debris cover during the swimming season. This winter pool cover is intended to be used during the off-season. This cover is meant for traditional above ground pools with a traditional top rail. Includes a winch and cable that should be used to secure your pool cover through the grommets around the perimeter of the pool cover. For extra securing, cover clips and cover wrap (both sold separately) are suggested for pool closing. No other method of installation is recommended..

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KPSON offers the most complete line of pool covers ever created. All Robelle winter pool covers are made with the strongest polyethylene material. Above ground pool covers include an all-weather cable and a heavy-duty winch, to be used with grommets placed every four feet on the cover. When included, the binding on above ground covers in 1.5”.

  • Overlap is the material beyond the pool size (24-foot pool size with a 4 foot overlap would measure 28-feet
  • Weight and Scrim are the best indicators of overall strength and durability
  • Includes winch and cable
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