• 135th Canton Fair is Coming !

            Apr.23–Apr.27, waiting for you at Booth G3-16 . At the exhibition , we will show you our major products  , such as PVC mesh sheet (fireretardant safety net  ) for construction , sound barrier , normal safety net , PVC tarpaulin. Welcome to our booth , and hope we...
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  • dump truck mesh tarps

           Just launched online, Rapid Tarps provides same-day and next-day tarp delivery to dump trucks, trailers, dump trucks and most common open-top commercial vehicles.        Safe Fleet, a leading provider of vehicle safety solutions, is proud to announce...
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  • Construction guide for mesh waterproof cloth: comprehensive waterproof solution

    In the construction industry, dustproof performance is a crucial issue. Therefore, the construction industry has been looking for dustproof performance solutions. In recent years, a new material called "dustproof mesh sheet" has gradually attracted the attention and use ...
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  • Future trend of mesh waterproof cloth

    With the rapid development of the construction industry, the demand for materials is also growing. In recent years, as a new type of building material, mesh sheet has gradually received widespread attention. The mesh sheet has function properties such as tensile strength...
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  • New Mesh Tarp Dust Cover Helps Trailer Industry

    As the logistics industry grows, more and more companies are using trailers to transport their goods. However, during the transportation process, the goods are often affected by dust and wind and rain on the road, requiring the use of dust covers to protect the integrity...
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  • The company has obtained multiple certificates

    The company has obtained multiple certificates

    2022, the company obtained the KPSON trademark registration certificate in US. So far, the company has a series of products such as tents, tarpaulins, wind barriers, tarpaulins, dust covers, packaging bags, bags and other products in the 22nd category of products. Japan ...
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  • Hebei Sametite New Material Co., Ltd. attended the 121st Canton Fair.

    2017-04-12 16:09 During the the exhibition ,our products are eagerly concerned by the new and old customers . There are 87 customers around the world to communicate and reach a cooperation intention.In them, two Middle East merchants reached an order of PVC tarpaulin for...
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  • On behalf of Hebei Sametite New Materials Co., Ltd.

    On behalf of Hebei Sametite New Materials Co., Ltd.

    the sales representative attended the 120th Canton Fair . During the exhibition , the new and old customers pay eager attention to our main products : PVC building protection netting . With a Japanese client had a pleasant conversation and reached preliminary cooperation...
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