The company has obtained multiple certificates

2022, the company obtained the KPSON trademark registration certificate in US. So far, the company has a series of products such as tents, tarpaulins, wind barriers, tarpaulins, dust covers, packaging bags, bags and other products in the 22nd category of products. Japan has brand protection, which has laid the foundation for the company's long-term development and named the direction for the implementation of the brand strategy. I wish the company a higher level in the promotion of brand strategy.


After years of industry accumulation and precise control of the market, the company has developed a series of products and obtained utility model and invention patents through careful research by the company's research and development department, including: safety net, soundproof cloth, ladder foot protective cover , trailer net, reinforced car tarpaulin, portable net box, outdoor windshield, folding net box, multi-functional wind barrier, safety net reinforced side rope, and a series of patents, it can be seen that the company is accurate according to different market needs The formulation of product solutions has laid a solid foundation for a firm foothold in the market.

Post time: Nov-01-2022