Sound barrier 1.0mm PVC coated tarpaulin is made of high-strength

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PVC coated tarpaulin is made of high-strength polyester canvas fabric, coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin with addition of variety of chemical additives . It has been widely used as awnings, truck cover, tents, banners, inflatable products, umbrala materials for building facility and house.  The width is from 1.5 m up to 3.20m ,can reduce the joint and improve the quality of the finished product during processing. It can be easily hot welded, 100% waterproof. Different functions, different thickness of the product can be produced according to custom’s request.  PVC Coated tarpaulin are easily to sustain long time for good performance.

  • Description: PVC tarpaulin (soundproof tarp)
  • Weight: 500gsm---1350gsm
  • Thickness: 0.4mm--1mm
  • Color: grey
  • Basic Fabric: 500D*500D,1000D*1000D
  • Density: 9*9, 20*20
  • Width: max 2m without joint
  • Length: 50m/roll
  • Size: 1.8m*3.4m,1.8m*5.1m
  • Working Temperature: -30℃,+70℃;
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    Product Description

    Sound Barrier 1.0mm PVC coated waterproof cloth is a sound barrier product made of high-strength materials. The following describes its features and advantages from three aspects: product features, product advantages and product selling points.

    • Product features:

    PVC coating: This sound barrier adopts PVC coating, which enhances the waterproof and durability, and is suitable for various environments.
    High-strength materials: The sound barrier is made of high-strength materials, with tear resistance and tensile strength, and can effectively resist the impact of strong winds and external forces.
    Noise blocking: This product is an excellent sound insulation material, which can effectively block various noises from highways, railways, airports, etc., and ensure the comfort and quietness of the environment.

    • Product advantages:

    Efficient sound insulation: The sound barrier is made of professional sound insulation materials, which can effectively isolate noise and create a quiet and comfortable environment for people.
    Waterproof and anti-corrosion: This product adopts PVC coating, which can be waterproof and anti-corrosion, and has strong durability, and is suitable for various harsh environments.
    Easy to install: The sound barrier is made of lightweight materials, which is simple and convenient to install and saves time and cost.

    • Product selling points:

    Widely applicable: This product is applicable to places with serious noise pollution such as highways, railways and airports, and has a wide market demand.
    Excellent quality: The sound barrier is made of high-quality materials and high-end production technology, ensuring the quality and reliability of the product, and winning the praise and trust of customers.
    Personalized customization: the product can be customized according to the needs of customers to meet the needs of different places.
    In short, Sound Barrier 1.0mm PVC coated waterproof cloth is an excellent sound barrier product with a variety of characteristics and advantages, and is one of the best-selling products on the market.


    1. Soundproof
    2. Hot-melt Coating technology(Semi-coating).
    3. Good peeling strength for welding.
    4. Outstanding tearing strength.
    5. Flame retardant character.(optional)
    6. Anti ultraviolet treatment(UV).(optional)


    1. Construction structure
    2. Truck cover, Top roof and side curtain.
    3. Out door event tent(block out)
    4. Rain and sunshine shelter, playground.


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