Heavy Duty Multipurpose Tarpaulin Cover for Canopy Tent

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Whether you’re an active outdoorsy person enjoying camping or hunting or just a handyman who wants to keep all his expensive equipment protected at all times, this extra sturdy, tough and durable canvas tarp is sure to cover all your needs.

Great for construction, agriculture, commercial and industrial applications protecting items including equipment, structures, materials, and supplies.

  • Color: Can be customized on demand
  • Brand: KPSON or OEM
  • Material: Canvas
  • Water Resistance Level: Water Resistant
  • Size: 6x8' 6x10' 8'x10'......
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    Heavy Duty Multipurpose Tarpaulin Cover For Canopy Tent is a multifunctional waterproof canvas cover with the following characteristics and advantages:

    • Product features:

    Made of high-density polyethylene material, it has excellent durability and waterproof performance;
    The canvas surface is covered with UV stabilizer, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet damage;
    Light weight, easy to fold and carry;
    Different sizes and thicknesses can be selected as required.

    • Product advantages:

    It can be used for many purposes, such as sunshade, rain shelter, camping, picnic, construction site, storage, truck, etc;
    Be able to provide protection under adverse weather conditions, such as strong wind, rainstorm, snow, etc;
    Long service life, not easy to damage;
    It is easy to use, and can be easily installed and removed by ropes, hooks and other tools.

    • Usage method:

    Before use, ensure that the installation ground is flat and dry, and avoid sharp objects and fire sources;
    Select canvas of appropriate size and thickness as required;
    Use ropes or other fixed tools to install the canvas in the area to be protected, and ensure that the surface of the canvas is close to the ground to avoid wind and rain.
    In short, Heavy Duty Multipurpose Tarpaulin Cover For Canopy Tent is a practical multifunctional cover that can provide effective protection and is suitable for various occasions and environments, such as camping, construction sites, transportation and storage. It has durability, waterproof performance and is convenient to use. It is a very recommended product.


    • HEAVY DUTY - Basic fabric weight 10oz canvas, finished fabric weight 12oz, thickness is 24mil which are water protective, durable, breathable, and won’t be torn easily.
    • METAL GROMMETS - We use aluminum rustproof grommets every 24 inch around the perimeter, allowing the tarps to be tied down and secured in place for different uses.
    • ADDED RESISTANCES - The heavy duty tarps are reinforced with extremely durable patches at every grommet placement and corners using poly-vinyl triangles for greater durability.
    • ALL SEASON USE - Designed to perform in all different weather conditions, this all weather tarp is great for eliminating water, dirt or sun damage without wearing or rotting away!
    • MULTI PURPOSE - Our heavy canvas tarp can be used as camping ground tarp, camping tarp shelter, canvas tent, yard tarp, canvas pergola cover and so much more.
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