Heavy Duty Mesh tarp for Dump Truck

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Black mesh tarps for Dump truck/Trailers are suitable for most electric and manual tarp systerms. Reinforced pocket and reinforced edges make it stonger and last longer eliminating downtime and saving you money in the long run.

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Heavy mesh protective cover is a high-strength cover used to protect goods when trucks are dumped. The following is a detailed description of the features, advantages and use of this product.

  • Product features:

High strength: The heavy mesh protective cover is made of high-strength polyester fiber and PVC material, and can withstand up to 5000 pounds.
Waterproof: The mesh protective cover has excellent waterproof performance, which can prevent rainwater and other liquids from seeping into the cargo area, thus protecting the cargo.
Durability: The heavy-duty mesh protective cover has the characteristics of abrasion resistance and UV radiation resistance, and can withstand long-term use and severe weather conditions.
Ventilation: Due to its mesh structure, the heavy mesh protective cover can provide good ventilation and air mobility to avoid overheating or odor of goods.

  • Product advantages:

Protection of goods: heavy mesh protective cover can effectively protect goods from weather, pollution and other harmful factors.
Improve efficiency: the use of heavy mesh protective cover can reduce the preparation time and cleaning work when the goods are dumped, thus improving the transportation efficiency.
Cost saving: Due to its high strength and durability, the heavy mesh protective cover can reduce the cost of maintenance and replacement in long-term use.
Multi-functionality: In addition to the protection of goods during truck dumping, the heavy mesh protective cover can also be used in agriculture, construction, gardening and other fields.

  • Usage method:

Installation: Before installation, ensure that the cargo area is clean, flat and free of obstacles. Lay the heavy mesh protective cover on the goods, and then fix it on the hook of the truck.
Use: Before dumping the goods, ensure that the heavy mesh protective cover completely covers the goods, and maintain a stable and uniform state during dumping.
Maintenance: After use, remove and clean the heavy mesh protective cover. When storing, it should be folded and stored in a dry, ventilated and cool place.
In short, the heavy mesh protective cover is a kind of high strength, waterproof, durable and multi-functional cargo protection


  • The material is polyester yarn coated vinyl 12 oz per sqm . The density is 11X11 .This product is much durable, UV resistant, suitable for outdoor use, the lifetime is as long as 3 years .
  • Double stitched hem and sems on two long sides, the sewing thread is high-strength polyester yarn .
  • For binding, brass buckles on the long sides, the distance of the buckles varies with length.
  • At one end of the tarp is 2" polyester webbing, the other end is a 6" pocket , with webbing and pocket, the tarp can adapt to the dump truck system much better .
  • These tarps are designed for most electrical and manual tarp systems and trailers.
Heavy Duty Mesh tarp for Dump Truck
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